I had my mother's hearing records transferred to ENH from a large national audiology service because, after several years and multiple attendances, she was not coping with the hearing aids provided, had ceased using them and was socially isolated due to her deafness. ENH (Denise) was contacted and asked if they would provide an independent assessment. They did not make any promises but were happy to provide the assessment. WOW! One appointment, and one hour later the issues were identified and could easily be addressed. At the follow up appointment, Mum collected her modified aids, had them re-calibrated and now she is a new woman. Her world now is one where the neighbors no longer hear her television 🙂 And as a family, we can converse without multiple repetitions, she can hear in restaurants/cafes and importantly she can talk to her grandchildren over the phone. It is simply fabulous. THANK YOU to all the staff at ENH, especially Denise.