Take Action

Time to take action and get a hearing test? 

In 2017 it was estimated that over half Australians between age 60 to 70 experience some kind of hearing difficulty.

Generally, sensorineural hearing loss is permanent. In some cases the loss is gradual and goes unnoticed. Age-related and industrial deafness are some of these types of loss. Therefore, it is often comments from family and friends that bring the possibility of hearing loss to our attention. With comments such as; 

“The TV is too loud” or “We’re tired of repeating ourselves”Hearing test, Cant hear

You may notice some signs yourself such as; 

Asking people to repeat themselves and thinking that they  mumble
You could also find yourself straining to hear people who are softly spoken.
Another sign is the TV is too loud for other people.
You may also have difficulty hearing on the phone.
The most common issue is difficulty hearing in background noise




Hearing loss can be isolating. People find themselves avoiding group activities or noisy environments. Listening can also be very tiring.


If any of this sounds familiar you should consider having your hearing tested. Or you could take this screening test. Free Online Hearing Test.

Perhaps you’ve known for a while that you have some hearing loss and just haven’t explored what to do about it. You’re not alone. On average people wait seven years to seek treatment following diagnosis. But, now it’s time to take action. So, once you know you have a hearing loss, how do you choose a hearing aid?