How Hearing Aids Help

Brain health is related to hearing health. Research suggests that hearing difficulty may reduce the quality of life through increasing social isolation. This social isolation is due to the increased mental load needed to understand and process sounds. Following conversation in noise is particularly difficult. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression and loss of independence. (Increased risk factors for dementia). It is proven that the earlier hearing interventions are applied the better the outcomes for risk factors and quality of life. So it’s time to talk hearing aids…..

hearing aid

Hearing aids don’t give you back normal hearing, however, they will improve your ability to understand speech and therefore improve your ability to communicate. This in turn improves your quality of life.

Because different speech sounds are made up of different frequencies, when you have a hearing loss words can be misheard. That is why people often say they can hear people but don’t know what they are saying. Hearing aids provide amplification of the frequencies; pitch of sound, that you’re missing because of your hearing loss. So, you are better able to detect and distinguish the different sounds of speech with a hearing aid.

So it’s time to Take Action