Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are conducted by university qualified and Audiology Australia certified Audiologists.

Why an Audiologist?

What is an Audiologist?

You can find out more about audiologists  at the  Audiology Australia website which is the peak governing body. 


Hearing Test


Hearing Tests

We conduct a suite of hearing tests using the latest technology and methods including:

Pure tone audiometry; air conduction and bone conduction.
Speech Audiometry; in quiet and in noise.
Aided free field testing; threshold testing and speech discrimination testing.
Impedance Audiometry; tympanometry, acoustic reflexes.

ENH Audiologists provide specialist services such as;

Assessment For Surgically Implanted Devices.
Diagnosis of hearing loss and liaising with GPs and other health professionals.
Auditory Processing (APD).
Hearing assessments for children from 3 years.
Driving authority hearing tests.
Aviation testing.
Pre-employment hearing tests.

As well as:

Fitting Of Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices.
Provision Of Custom Swim Plugs, Musician’s Hear Savers And Custom Noise Plugs.

At your initial appointment

Hearing Assessments

  • Bring your referral if you have one. Medicare rebates are only available with an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist’s referral or a GP Care Plan.
  • Bring someone with you; two sets of ears are better than one.
  • Don’t be afraid  to ask questions of your audiologist.
  • Health Fund Benefits; not many Health Funds cover hearing tests so you will need to check with your fund.

You will receive a copy of your test results and when needed a report will be sent to your referring GP/Specialist.


Hearing aid discussion (if required)

The benefits and features of a range of hearing aids will be discussed based on your hearing loss and communication needs.

Never feel  pressured to make a choice, take your time, it is an important decision.

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