Hearing aid cost?

Hearing aid costHow much does a hearing aid cost? Well, unfortunately there is not a simple answer. Hearing aids are priced dependent on the level of technology. Prices increase with enhanced features. 

As a general guide we break down the cost of hearing aids into the following: 

Essential- From $910
Standard- From $1600
Advanced- From $2600
Premium- From $3500

These prices include a fitting and one follow up appointment.

Your audiologist will discuss a range of options and prices after your hearing assessment and hearing needs have been established.

Hearing aids require a fitting and at at least one follow up appointment; some people need more. This can be influenced by the experience of the user, ie had previous aids lessening the necessity of further fine tuning.

New users will often require more than one follow up.
To this end we have created clinic packages so that clients can choose the level of support they need to reach their hearing goals. Any recommendations we give will always be evidence based.


Fitting, Follow up Plan $300

Fitting appointment 45 mins
Follow up Appointment 45 mins
Further appointments billed at our clinic rates of $100 per 30 mins

3 year Fitting Plan: $1100

Initial Fitting and Follow up appointments; as many as needed to ensure outcomes are met. Then annual review for three years; which includes hearing test.


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