Q: Do you offer have cheap hearing aids or discount hearing aids?

A: Hearing aid pricing can be a tricky, often its hard to compare apples with apples. Some clinics bundle their clinic fees with the hearing aid making it hard to know what you are paying for a device. At ENH Audiology we separate our aid pricing so you can compare apples with apples. Generally “cheap”, “discount” is used to describe lesser quality, but in the hearing aid industry cheaper aids are aids with less features than fully featured aids. Quality is still high in hearing aids. We believe you will find our aid pricing competitive with “discount” retailers. You can read more about  pricing on our Pricing Policy page


Q: Can I walk in and get  tested?

A: Generally No. A booking is generally required. A doctor or specialist may have an urgent request which we will always try to accommodate.

Q: Do you have free testing?

A: No, we do not have free testing. All our tests are complete audiological assessments, to give you accurate information to make an informed choice, obligation free. Pensioners and DVA eligible clients can get hearing assessment vouchers, but they are essentially not free but are covered by the appropriate health program at no expense to the client.

Q: Who performs my treatment?

A: An Audiologist! See more about audiologists here 

Q: Do you bulk bill?

A: No, there is no bulk billing rebates available for hearing assessments. A Medicare rebate invoice is available to specialist referred clients, (ENT and Neuro) or eligible Enhanced Primary Care Plans

Q: Do You test children?

A: Yes. We assess childrens hearing from the age of 3 years old

Q: Do you bundle or unbundle pricing?

A: We cater for both bundling or unbundling pricing models. Please talk to your audiologist at your appointment.