Pricing Policy

ENH Audiology pricing policy.

On March the 3rd 2017 the ACCC released a report of an enquiry into hearing aid sales. This enquiry was triggered by the ABC radios Background briefing program: “Have I got a hearing aid for you.” This information and recommendations of the ACCC in relation to the sales of hearing aids are available on their site. As is the ABC Radio National report.

ENH Audiology has always been a customer centred, medical evidence-based audiology practice. However, in light of the ACCC report we decided to take a look at how we price services. Thus, we have established what we believe to be a much clearer, transparent system of pricing and fees.


Clinic Fees
Our clinic fees are based on $100 per 30 minutes.*

*For assessment appointments the explanation of results and provision of a copy of the results is included in the cost of the appointment. The preparation and distribution of more complex reports may incur a fee.

Hearing Aid Pricing

We offer clear, transparent aid pricing

Separate fitting fee plans

Hearing aid maintenance agreements


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                    Hearing Aid Cost

                    Choosing a Hearing Aid


Evidence-Based recommendations- hearing aids come in a range of levels of features and prices. The features you may need are dependent on what your goals are, you may not need a fully featured hearing aid therefore saving you money.